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Things Your Children Can Learn on the BYJU’S App

BYJU’S keeps the learner at the centre of its innovations and ensures that the student controls what, how and when they want to learn. This is where BYJU’S stands out from traditional learning platforms. BYJU’S believes that a one-size-fits-all approach is no longer relevant in today’s age and hyper-personalised learning is the future of education. This is achieved through the use of interactive education, one-on-one guidance, learning on the go and much more. 

Collectively, these things ensure that students can learn multiple items with ease. This post outlines what children can learn on the BYJU’S app. 

In-depth Understanding of Concepts: 

Traditional learning methods can sometimes lead to rote learning which discourage children from being creative. The BYJU’S Learning App effectively exercises a child’s imagination through the story-telling format of learning content and movie-like videos. 

BYJU’S app reviews suggest these videos enable the learners to visualise academic concepts and absorb information quickly. This method also ensures longer retention of new information and ideas. 

Tuition Classes from Home: 

Students worldwide face challenges in understanding concepts, theories, practicals, and critical topics in school. As a result, tuition classes are an integral part of learning. However, the logistics of taking tuition classes are not limited to just the education; it also includes the commute, safety, odd timings, etc. However, tuition classes with large batches of students often mimic the dynamic of a classroom where the teacher is unable to provide individual care and attention to every student. 

BYJU’S Classes changes this dynamic by shifting the focus to a more personalised approach that focuses on each student. 

These include instant doubt resolution, one-on-one sessions, learning at the child’s convenience, and proper safety at home. 

And students have praised this approach in their review of BYJU’S Classes

Master the Syllabus: 

BYJU’S content and learning journeys complement the syllabus and grades, as per CBSE, ICSE, IB, and State Boards. For instance, if a child is in the 6th standard of a CBSE school, BYJU’S learning modules will construct learning materials based on that to uniquely suit the child’s requirements. This will help the child stay in sync with the regular classroom learning and in mastering the syllabus.

Furthermore, children can also complete each step of learning with the help of a complete, in-depth analysis. For instance, when a learner finishes a module, they undergo a test to determine where they stand.  BYJU’S adaptive tests ensure that the learner masters each chapter with ease. 

Learn to Take the Correct Measures: 

Parents are often unable to fully analyse a child’s performance through traditional tests. For instance, a test that focuses on objective right or wrong answers will not be able to capture the child’s understanding of critical concepts or their learning misconceptions. 

However, the BYJU’S apps allows parents access to a dashboard containing real-time data and information regarding their child’s learning which ensures that parents know where their child stands and where they require assistance.