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Start a rewarding career as an adult-gerontology nurse

An adult-gerontology nurse is skilled in providing clinical care to aging adults that include assessments, identifying issues, treatment planning, and evaluating current care. This type of nursing is interdisciplinary and involves the physical, social, and mental aspects of aging patients as well as the implications of aging. It is considered a holistic approach to the individual’s treatment and care, rather than just focusing on aging.  

What is the role of a gerontology nurse practitioner? 

If you are committed to dedicating your career to helping improve the last stages of life for the elderly, then you should look into gerontology. As an adult-gerontology nurse practitioner, you will be immersed in the study and treatment of aging patients in several different areas. Depending on where your passion lies, you could branch out into one of these disciplines:

  • Geriatric social worker
  • Nursing home administrator
  • Long-term care nursing
  • Home care gerontology nursing
  • Academia and research

According to the US Census Bureau, the elderly are projected to outnumber children for the first time in US history. This means that there is an abundance of opportunities in fields related to the quality of care of older people. This type of nursing is critical in healthcare today, and an individual with this type of education is certain to find a rewarding and fulfilling career of lifelong learning. Several excellent online schools offer an online adult-gerontology nurse practitioner program that will fit in with any working professional’s schedule. 

How do you become an adult-gerontology nurse practitioner?

There are nursing schools all over the US that will teach this rewarding career and offer certification. When you are just out of school, some of these programs fit your lifestyle well and can give you an experience unlike any other. If this is a second career or you are working full-time with a family, setting aside four years to go back to school can seem impossible. 

This is when online learning becomes the most viable option. With programs that provide part-time studies for working nurses and local placements, getting your degree has never been simpler. The requirements to enter the program consist of existing certifications and a minimum of two years of experience. This allows for an accelerated program with professionals who are already in the nursing field and the ability to be placed locally so that you can make the time to work in your area. This is also a great opportunity if you are looking to advance in your current hospital or health organization.  

When you are thinking of changing career courses or looking to upgrade your skills, gerontology can offer a worthwhile path to helping someone through the final stages of life. A nurse practitioner in gerontology can offer support and expertise in all aspects of caring for the elderly and act as a leader in developing care strategies and assessing needs within the medical team. Becoming a nurse practitioner in this field can be rewarding, challenging, and a lifelong passion.