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5 Tips to Excel in MBA Program in 2022

Are your MBA exams approaching and the preparation deadline panicking you? Well, feeling nervous and zoned out is not uncommon with MBA courses. However, to ease your mind, Sunstone has shortlisted some pro tips that can boost your preparation and give you the confidence to rock the exam. Remember, hard work, along with smart work, is the key to cracking any exam, including Master of Business Administration.

MBA is not only one of the prestigious degrees but paves way for achieving milestones in business and management. Master of Business Administration offers a myriad of courses so you can pursue one as per your future goals. To successfully get this 2-year degree, you need to qualify for the MBA entrance exam and get into the best college for MBA. To prepare, have enough time in your hand, get a hold of the syllabus, and complete them one by one.

Here are 5 tips that can help you excel in an MBA Program in 2022:

  • Have a Clear Objective

Having clarity in your syllabus is a quintessential step. This is because there are various MBA courses and business platforms that have various branches, and you have to choose one to move forward with. Be it entering an established firm or starting your venture, a plan needs to be fixed. It not only helps you prepare accordingly but also makes it easier for you to plan for your future.

Right from the field of specialisation to the end-game, plan all your moves to leave no stone unturned to give your best

  • Be Thorough With The Syllabus

Accumulating books, notes, and sources is always the second step. The primary is to be thorough with the syllabus of your chosen MBA subject. Not just in MBA but for any exam, the syllabus is the first key towards success. When you have decided on your specialisation in the business field, get your hands on the authentic syllabus.

Read, read, and read the syllabus as many times as it requires, so you have a clear approach about what to read and what not to read. If you lack an understanding of the syllabus properly, you may end up having tens of sources to read from, which will create chaos in the end.

  • Frame A Plan

Gather the best possible resources for your exam preparation. For this, you may have to research a bit from your end. Sunstone is there as well to help you out with the right resources. Not only for cracking the entrance, but these resources are also helpful throughout the MBA course duration. Once you have the right set of books, frame a daily plan. A study plan may seem like a cliché tip, but this is one mandatory step.

Consistency is the key that you cannot choose to skip. Stick to your plan and follow it religiously, and you will land in one of the best colleges for MBA

  • Taking a Break Is a Must

Studying and studying is not all you need. Break time is also equally vital. Some students can sit for long hours, while others need a break every hour. Both the concepts are fine till you are consistent with your study plan. Follow the middle path and do not hold any extreme knots. You may go for a walk, a quick nap, talk to family or friends or just have a cup of coffee. It refreshes your mind and prepares you for the next sitting and you do not feel exhausted.

Consume ample water and good food, have enough sleep, and stay away from intoxicants.

  • 4Rs (Read, Revise, Rest, Repeat)

Last but not least, 4Rs are the ultimate tip. Read books, make notes, and revise them at regular intervals so you memorise them efficiently. Take sufficient rest, and then repeat the cycle. Shortlist the most important and highest weightage sections and finish them first. Then get your hands on your weaker sections and get a hold of them. Maintain a good sleep cycle and repeat this trend until you are prepared well for the exam


MBA courses create high-salary job opportunities for you along with enhancing your personality and marketability. Apart from this, studying in one of the best MBA colleges in India is nothing less than a lifetime experience. All you need to make your way through this prestigious course is a dedication of a few months, if not years. So, buckle up and start your preparations today!

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  1. How can I score well for the MBA?

Scoring well in an MBA exam is not rocket science. You just need to maintain consistency and stick to the resources and your study plan. Read good books, keep revising, give mocks and attend online/offline lectures if needed; nobody can stop you from scoring well.

  1. How can I improve my MBA skills?

Communication, leadership, and management of tasks are some of the keys to good MBA skills. Once you ace these skills, you will end up being a good business person.

  1. Which MBA is most in demand?

Some of the highly demanded MBA include-

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Operations Management
  • Consultancy
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources, etc.

MBA salary in India is also quite high for these MBA fields.