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Employee training tactics you should know

When a person joins an organization he or she is unaware of their working process. It is important to understand that we need to develop an engaging and understandable work culture that will work for the organization. Every person is different and they require different modes of training in tactics that work for them. The eloomi LMS is one of the effective learning and development programs which can help in gaining a high employee retention rate and help in training them in a better and more meaningful way.

Every job has a certain level of learning curve which should evolve with time. If the approach of the employee and organization is constant without the motive of the goal it cannot help them in learning in training to build the skills. These tactics will help in the development of employee skills and train them for better opportunities in future.

Microlearning is effective

Microlearning is an effective initiative that will help employees while working. It will help in a short amount of time with an interactive approach. The segment will help in learning and enrichment of the workplace through their breakdown segments of 3 to 5 minutes to keep your employees focused. They will deliver meaningful and critical results with simple needs instead of complex designs.

e-Learning platform is a great way

The learning platform has gained a more popular team, especially for training employees. With a learning platform, you can learn at any location especially if the work is in remote or hybrid format. It will make the business tactics more flexible with long work hours. It will also extend to better learning. E-learning platforms are unknown to provide a better alternative and approach to change employees without oven spending on the area. It will also save time in commuting to the learning space. This process is recommended for everyone working for even small or big organizations for better management of space and time

Shadowing new employees with a colleague

It will be a difficult house for new employees to handle in the new office environment of the office. You can use the tag-along tactic where you will add the old employees to the new ones so that they will get acknowledged with that space in a better manner. The old employees will efficiently help them to acknowledge the space and working process of the organization. It will give them a comfortable environment to interact with colleagues and better communication inside.


The mentoring program is helpful in finding space in an organization and getting help from senior members to their juniors for understanding the workings- of the organization. It will help them to grow with the live experience of their mentors which will also develop a bond of trust and understanding between colleagues. The mentoring of new employees is an effective and helpful move to train within the organization

Lunch and learn session

The lunch and lunch sessions are also helpful because they will help you to save time and utilise the lunch hours which generally go into gossiping. You can use this small time of lunch to provide a micro-learning experience.

Video training

Video is better for the training of employees because it will help them to learn in an interactive manner through the pre-prepared video of skills.


It is important to use special tactics and tools to repair better strategies for training employees. You should use better skills and techniques to create a strategy that is cost-efficient and fruitful for the long term. This strategy will work to provide better experience and outcome in the employee training program